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Kramer Custom Rods and Tackle

GENZ PACK transducer arm

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Tired of using the Eye bolt included from the Genz pack Vexilar? This transducer arm fits the blue Genz pack Vexilars. A three piece design, folds easily out of the way, yet provides long reach so your unit can be further from the hole minimizing clutter around the ice hole.

Durable construction from 3d printed ABS!!

Fully extended gives 10" of reach. Three piece design allows for many different positions to be used. Folds up comfortably under the Vexilar unit (May have to adjust head unit from the down position slightly.)

 Pre-assembled stainless steel hardware, easy to install. remove 2 of the original gimbal screws from the mount. install the new transducer arm with the included longer screws. (You can substitute bolts if you're wanting a more secure connection. However bolts are a little more tricky to install. Machine bolts are not provided) 

If you're wanting a color not listed contact us and we may be able to make your color.